perfectionism, permeating
everything I do
making competitions out of conversations
hoping, always, for a bronzed statue in my name
for a race that didn’t exist

I fought myself to push harder
to be better when I was fine as is
exhausted to impress others
and maybe even me, too
perhaps the silver lining
is that I grew weary of winning
when everyone I met was my opponent

I’m passing the baton and
throwing some matches
catching up with myself again, I’m
watching sunsets, golden
emboldened to be calm
to be anything I want to be
in any given moment
even if I’m not a winner every time

11 thoughts on “106

  1. Elle, great thoughts on your life that reflects the feelings of almost all of us. We all try our hardest to be the winner in any situation, especially between us and someone else. Yet, as you’ve found out, life is not a winner vs loser situation. Now, you’ve learned that you can be a winner just by being yourself. You don’t have to push yourself to the limit in every situation. Beautifully written again from the heart. I love it, Stan

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  2. “perhaps the silver lining
    is that I grew weary of winning
    when everyone I met was my opponent”

    Haha… arrgh…. lifeee.. (still laughing at the irony of it all)
    As always, beautifully written Elle!

    I see you’ve gotten a lot crispier in speaking your truth than before! 🙂

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  3. Avia Tinder

    BRAVO! Life is a lot better when we figure out what’s important, and stop exhausting ourselves with what isn’t. Perfectionism and obsessive competitiveness/comparisons with others will kill the soul, if not the body/mind as well.

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