There is only the ocean;
waves, tide, surf
are simply parts
of the whole.

I used to build sandcastles
close enough to seashore
that they’d wash away, clean
before I got attached.

I manufactured moats
drawbridges and gates
spiral towers to hide treasures
keeping intruders at bay.

I never did need knights
as much as I told myself I did
I was a fine protector
a kind ruler over myself

but you were like gills
and I breathed new air
the salt of the sea
the grit of the sand

and I decided I’d move
my sandcastle away
from that rising tide
and invite you in, too.


14 thoughts on “77

  1. Elle, building sand castles and living them as a youngster and then moving to adulthood and keeping the castles with you is every little person’s dream. You’ve written a poem that will capture the hearts of everyone. I love the poem. Stan


  2. Adeline Writes

    What a beautiful metaphor! The entire poem is very well structured—no accidental rhymes to set up false pattern expectance, no fixed meter (that I picked up on) but still a very natural flow.

    I’m looking forward to reading through more of your work now.

    ~ Adeline

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