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Hi everyone!

First, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone following along my summer ELLEventure on my Instagram, @elleguyen, as I’ve been in my internship for a full month now. You’ve all been so sweet and asking how it has been going–and I’m happy to report that I LOVE it! It’s so amazing to be surrounded by brilliant marketing and PR minds, I’m learning something new everyday. I’ve even been given the responsibility of launching some campaigns on my own which is such a great experience.

Second, I’m sorry that I haven’t been as responsive as I usually am, but as always, I’m taking the time to leave comments on your blogs when you comment on mine. Everything is about taking and giving! πŸ™‚

The thing with the right campaign is all about the right word choice. And since I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut, I was hoping to pick your brain and find out what words or phrases you specifically love.

For example, my current writing ‘prompt’ list has some ideas like:

  • illuminate
  • an elementary school solar system styrofoam model
  • a beach and crashing waves
  • quiet defeat
  • addiction vs the real you
  • post-concert depression

Please comment below some words, places, descriptions, quotes, ideas or anything that really gets your creative juices flowing! If I use your prompt in a Sunday post in the upcoming weeks, I will leave a shoutout to your blog at the end of my piece, so you get that exposure too.

Thank you for your help!




61 thoughts on “Inspo from you!

  1. A. P. Christopher

    I like single word prompts because they’re so open ended…same reason my poems are always one word titles.
    But I love words that feel fluid…
    …but again, I generally just have a word hit me and I write a poem as a result.
    Not sure if that helps you at all, but that’s all the insight I have to offer. πŸ™‚

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  2. Some words seem inherently special. Jurisprudence, molybdenum, wee, whee, and intrinsic are words that thrill me. Joining words that aren’t usually joined cab seize attention. “Fiercely protective” is a clichΓ©, but “fiercely serene” has a nice oxymoronic flavor.

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  3. Often as not, I often use my my photos for inspiration. Words such as verdant, moonglow, silken. Word pairings like “misspent youth”, “ultimate despair”, “quiet resignation” also come to mind, Congrats on your 1st month on the internship and good luck on breaking out of your blogging rut. We all know how frustrating that can be. Allan

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  4. I agree about single word prompts, to me they open up limitless possibilities. I just had a good experience with a list of architectural terms that can then be transformed.

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    1. Hey Jason! That is a GREAT reco, it’s something I think about a lot. With my themes, I always try to wrap them back together at the end but often just don’t quite have enough ribbon to tie it up. Good thing to keep in mind!
      Thanks πŸ™‚

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      1. Glad my words struck a harmonic chord with you. One principle of expository writing is to never introduce anything new in the conclusion but to simply recap the main points. This may help to tie your ribbon with a beautiful bow. Another way to avoid loose ends is to cut them off. Best to write from your passion//talent/conscience/need rather than allow others to determine your direction. As a creative & visionary writer you must anticipate the need of your readers before they know it themselves.
        Love & light,

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  5. varjakBaby

    Congratulations on the internship! I know too often these things can go south for various a reason, so it’s good to hear you’re happy.

    Hmm. Inspiration? Okay, I’ll just toss some things out:

    resplendent (youth)
    lustful vigor
    The adamant resignation of a crocodile
    Ferocious kitchen knife (after accidentally cutting your finger)
    Sullen window blinds
    The handy-dandy computer programmer’s pocket reference

    Best of luck,


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    1. Thank you for your support!! Ooh, I like the crocodile resignation. Thank you for sharing–if you think of anymore PLEASE comment your thoughts–always love your work! πŸ™‚

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      1. varjakBaby

        bridally locked waves
        playbook (paper) shredder
        idle tree
        naked fruit
        Scottish lilt
        anything about window panes–window panes are so f***ing poetic; and if you want to turn it into a trite formula, arbitrary liquids dripping down window panes (e.g. blood, juice of your choice, rain,)–also non-liquids; tends to provide good imagery
        sing-song lullaby
        plastic wood
        tinny things
        scraping off wallpaper
        memorandum to a lover
        chaotic attractors
        colored jars, i.e. translucent or opaque jars of your choice of color(s)
        badminton racquet(s)
        tapioca eye-dropper
        livid storm
        the word “caper” used to describe shenanigans
        the word “oblong”
        necessary nuisance
        distributed ________ (mass, wealth, but possibly to be more poetic, an emotion)
        struck askance
        copper siren
        dust-bucket (bucket for collecting dust)
        maps for nontraditional or nonphysical things, maps for notions or emotions
        tradition and discussions of or relationships to tradition

        That should lengthen your list!


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  6. Hasan Adan

    Congrats on your internship!!! Some words or phrases that I love to use when writing are :

    1- love is always mutual, free and unbinding


    3- one of my favourite phrases
    ‘ Take a journey through my mind’s eye’

    4- wheel of life( up and down, happy, sad etc) its sounds generic but when you start to write about how you feel right at that moment. I always find myself writing anything that comes to mind. I hope that helps you ☺.

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  7. I’m no good writer but, hopefully I’ll be able to inspire you somehow.

    I’d love to see you write something on bookstores / cd stores as they’re “dying” due to the fact that it is so easy to order books online now and have them delivered to your door step and even easier to just read it online for free.

    General inspirations for me are usually just my surroundings and how I perceive them.

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  8. Haha I really like the elementary school solar system styrofoam model! It gives me some sort of feeling that would actually be quite fun trying to figure out in writing!

    Anyways, here are some words and instances for inspiration:
    Poignant, stolen moments, empty swing that’s still in motion (from the person that was just on it), night air, ruminate, crescent moons, polka dots, texture, petals, definitely, and subjectivity.

    Usually I write at night, so I think back to one instance that really stands out in my day. Mostly, it’s something small, like a stranger saying “Good morning” to me as I walk by, but writing about these things and reading them later on really helps me to appreciate every moment (that sounds really cliche but it’s true).

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    1. Love the empty swing–like seeing a door swinging shut as someone is leaving–but still having the warmth of how they were once there. Thank you for this! I appreciate it so much. Please comment more if you think of em! Always love seeing your blog come up. πŸ™‚

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  9. honestly for me I don’t have particular words that keep my creative juices flowing. Mostly, I did take a walk down those lanes that trigger pain and awful memories. Sometimes I would look back on my life and words start itching its way to my fingers. I guess if I put it this way most of it is: Love, Pain, Healing

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  11. I challenge you to write an Aubade in 10 lines or less.

    Here’s why: I love the form more than any other, and there was a time I used to post on–they only allow you 10 lines, which, actually, helped me improve my brevity and I got very good at being very poignant in very few words. Hence all my short poems.

    Of which, there is actually an Aubade in them. I believe it is only 5 or 6 lines.

    You don’t have to credit me.

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  12. YAY!!! Elle! SOOOO happy to hear how wonderful the internship is going!!! And You never, ever need apologize! I’m stunned how much You have going on and yet You always bop by. Pretty amazing. Sincerely!!! And…what a very fun thing You’re doing! I’d love to play along. My prompt is:

    surrendering to the sea

    Rock on, have fun and Cheers!!! πŸ’–

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  13. I hope someone who deserves it get their word chosen! But I am just commenting to say that it is rare that words inspire me. My inspiration comes from a lot of things, usually an idea or event (reoccurring event) or a feeling. But with that said, I was reading some poems on Instagram and saw the line, “I’d rather sink than swim” in somebody’s poem. Well, long story short, that line sparked a full poem out of me instantly haha!

    Where do you intern at? I also want to go into PR/Marketing/Advertising/Copywriting but I haven’t found any internships for the summer :(.

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    1. That is an interesting line! Maybe I’ll keep it on deck too.

      I’m interning at a digital marketing agency, so I’m on a number of clients at once. It’s great practice because of how many clients I have to work with, rather than corporate for example, where you are only working on one large client at one time.
      I was applying for internships from probably February until May, and I landed this in the last week of April! It was a very hard process, with many candidates. It’s not easy, just don’t be discouraged! Good luck πŸ™‚

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      1. I can’t wait to see what you make of that line!

        And thank you! My biggest mistake was not sending out applications early. :/
        But hope dies last, so I’ll keep looking.

        Thank you for great content and good luck on your internship!

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