Confetti filled vault
anecdotally filled with
all the lies you’ve ever told.
Would it hurt you to read
as much as it wouldn’t have hurt
all the people you lied to
to spare their feelings?

“I didn’t mean to say that”
“No, I wasn’t”
“I promise”
“I’m sorry.”

This reciprocity of intimacy
we’ve all feigned to protect
praying they’ll never find out
falling prey to knowing better
than tell the truth.

Are we all keepers of vaults?
are they all just as full as the next?
Are we protecting each other
from all the truths we wish
we could’ve saved ourselves from?


Thanks to wordslikebreath for the prompt “vault” and to A.P. Christopher for the word “reciprocity”! If I use a prompt you’ve left for me, I’ll give you a shoutout! 


30 thoughts on “39

  1. Tylor J. Mintz

    Such a thought provoking poem. Yes, I think there is a confetti filled vault within us all. Our of fear of hurting another, or of being hated, we lie, lie, lie. It’s very rare to find a human being whom is blunt and honest. My girlfriend is one of those human beings, most of the time. For example, I gave an expensive gift once. As first she pretended to like it, but eventually she brought up to me that she wasn’t really all that into it! At first I was hurt. Then I was grateful, because I ended up returning the gift, getting my hard-earned money back, and finally gifting her with something she truly did appreciate (and it was a far less expensive item, too). May we be grateful to those keepers of vaults with the least amount of confetti floating around….


    1. She’s amazing! I’m always so worried about someone else’s feelings that my first reaction is to lie to spare them. But that’s what I was trying to convey here–is your omittance of the lie, more harsh than finding out the little truth you didn’t want to let out? Thank you for commenting, Tylor!!


      1. Tylor J. Mintz

        Yes, she truly is! And I think you convey the point very admirably. It makes me wonder how much suffering and anguish would be eradicated through a consistently direct (yet respectful) utilization of honesty. I’m thinking quite a bit, as those omittances surely haunt us.

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  3. arpitrtiwari

    This is really nice! So mysterious, and yet still simple and thought provoking. Or rather introspection provoking, considering it talks about something we all do on various occasions… Lying.

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