Keep the candle alight
so you can see me
even with less.

Crescent moon:
those going through the hardest times
often seem the softest.
Check on the strong friends
because they’ve learned to glow at night
even with only a quarter of themselves.

If you often find solace
against someone else’s shoulder,
always be sure to leave the floor to them
when your tears are dry.

I’ve felt the helplessness
of losing a friend
who couldn’t tell his story
loud enough so I could hear.
Did we fail each other?

There comes a point where it’s up to us
to open our ears
pour some tea
and listen to the strong ones;
their stories of sadness are just as sad
as the ones they gave advice on
when the words came out of your mouth.


Thank you to skycielo for giving me the prompt ‘crescent moon’ and AP Christopher for giving me the word ‘solace’! If I use a prompt you’ve left for me, I’ll give you a shoutout if I use it!

44 thoughts on “37

  1. Tylor J. Mintz

    Lovely! I love the compassionate morale of this piece, which appears to me as, we should all be there for each other — even the souls with the greatest fortitude suffer.

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  2. So beautifully perceptive. We can’t get too wrapped up in our own sorrows that we forget to comfort others… and we shouldn’t try to be so strong for others that we don’t ask for help, ourselves.

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  3. How you pulled all that out of “crescent moon” is a little beyond me. For some reason or another I am reading suicide into it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had three friends commit suicide in as many years.

    Perhaps I should leave you a prompt, that I may be better at that than I am at writing creatively these days. My professor always told me I would make a great & encouraging creative editor.

    Neverthel4es, the topic is about pain. ANd I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told how strong I am. (I’m legally blind) and yet I can assure you–I’m not as strong as people think me to be. I think it’s because I often give people the impression I can see better than I do, but I can tell you–we all have our days. Even heroes have their days, in fact, they are probably the most lonely and the most vurnerable.

    We all put on masks.

    I don’t think I could have stopped my friends from committing suicide anymore than they could probably stop me. Though had I known, i would have at least tried.

    Forgotten–nobody knows when you’re lonely.

    And yet, often, when we are most lonely, is when we need to be alone.

    Or so, they say.


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    1. You’re right, this is about suicide–I was pulling from the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, two people who were portrayed as full of life and adventure. When we force these ideas of ‘they are so strong’ onto them, they believe it so much that when they have their troubles, they deem them out of character. It’s important to remind ourselves that absolutely everyone can have bad moments just as well as we know they have good ones. It’s just as much on us to reach out and listen, as it is for them to know there are resources to save them. Thank you for commenting your story.

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  4. True. Being strong and being weak are not some polar opposites. There is a spectrum we shine on to use your imagery of people’s power as a quality of light. Giving in to your weakness can be extremely empowering. Thanks for writing that. ❤


  5. Laura Denise

    Of my high school students, it is often the strong, popular boy who will break down into tears if I hold his glance a few seconds longer while asking if he is okay when I don’t believe him. A wonderful and important reminder you’ve penned for us.

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  6. sweetangevine

    This is so true! I am the coach, the councelor, the good ear, the provider. It is hard to find someone who will listen to our stories too, our pain. Thank you for putting the right words. Appreciated

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