Take what you’re given:
if you wanted to share this poem with your family and friends,
maybe you should’ve
behaved better.

Elementary school science class:
you relish in this universe and build a mobile
of bent metal and styrofoam;
your father swears
it’s the best he’s seen.

I wish this was news you could bring back to your mother
and how proud she would’ve been
of such a modest man.

Truthfully, if I could,
I’d rearrange your solar system,
tuck the sun away somewhere hidden.
You’d look for it under tables
and at least when you found it again,
touched it with your hands,
you might be a bit warmer than before.

Taking on convenient characteristics of
surroundings around,
you’d be red at the playground
and blue on your doorstep.
Intrinsic to me, I forgave you
before you’ve apologized.
Unique to you, I’m just a trinket
in the ballerina box.

Thank you to onewithclay for giving me the word ‘intrinsic’! If I use a prompt you’ve left for me, I’ll give you a shoutout if I use it!

27 thoughts on “38

  1. Our explicit world that we’ve created in our best image for ourselves is enhanced by your poems and your ability. You have a unique way of putting into words what beautiful things flow in your mind. Each poem you write tells a story and they have so much meaning. Thank you for another creative poem from your heart.

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  2. Beautifully crafted as always. I especially love the fourth stanza with the image of the solar system. Original, it allows the reader of your poem to perceive everything through different senses such as sight: “You’d look for it under tables” and touch linked to physical and emotional warmth: “touched it with your hands,/ you might be a bit warmer than before.” Also, I love the last stanza, another climax, actually the last. You succeed with the wordplay on opposites such as colors red and blue plus another set of contrasts forgive-apologize. All this gives great intensity combined with the last two lines that are very powerful. Exquisite work!

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    1. Thank you for this interpretation! You are so observant. It has taken a few weeks to use that solar system idea, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. Thank you for coming by. 🙂

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  3. Tylor J. Mintz

    I find your poetry to be easy and enjoyable to read, while also being very thought provoking and emotive. This is no easy feat in writing, yet you accomplish this most wonderfully. If you were to publish a volume of your work, I’d most certainly want to buy one! With this piece in particular, the beginning and ending lines are very effective. Love the imagery, too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, Tylor! While I may not be on the level of publication, it could be in that future (if my life ever gets less hectic lol) Thank you for sticking around as a reader, even in my crazy times! 🙂

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