gone swimming

dear, you (1)

Hard decisions are really freaking hard. I’ve recently had to make an important choice myself: Will I go over the deep end and try something terrifying, unsure and potentially life-changing, or stay in the shallow pool where it’s safe and guaranteed I (probably) won’t drown?

This sort of self-reflection is so tough to swallow. A year ago last year, you felt so blessed to be in this position and now you’re seeking something bigger. Why can’t you be happy with what you have? Because you’ve grown. And you’re still growing.

It could be as big as a career change or even as everyday as going out when you’d usually stay in. Whatever it is, there is no wrong answer to that tough choice. Though, I will say this: I can’t tell you about the nights I stayed in. Even times when I went out and was bored by the company, at least I had a funny story to tell.

Staying on the shallow side isn’t a bad thing – just don’t ever think it’s all there is. Even if it’s scary, even if it seems monumental, we have the rest of our lives to get it right, and maybe even a little wrong, too.
Let’s mess things up sometimes. We can forgive ourselves later.


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15 thoughts on “gone swimming

  1. Facts of life. Do we sit in comfort in the shallow end of the pool or do we strike out towards the deeper water and escape the safety net. Sometimes the deeper water gives us the deepest satisfaction. However, like you said, there’s nothing wrong with staying in the shallow water. It’s just that if we don’t go towards the deeper water, we’ll never know what we missed out on. I like what you wrote. It’s all about life and all so true. Stan

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  2. I’m sure most of us can resonate with this. I saw a quote that I hope provides some help…

    “What is meant to be yours is already making its way to you, right now. What was never yours has already started to flee from you, right now. With time, it will all make sense but for now, just bear the confusion a little longer.”
    – Nashiha Pervin

    I’m a fellow blogger, and I hope some of you would like to read some of my writing that rests on being candid.

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