Find discomfort in the hem
of your occasion dress
zips on the side–
boys left behind
gawking at the sheer sight
of your lacy best.

Have you ever entered
a room filled,
but not acquainted enough to
strike the ice?

All dressed up, nowhere to go
you arrive and yet
feel uninvited before
opening your lipstick mouth.

Surface-level small-talk: to
ask questions of others, to
keep conversation alive
I wonder if they sense my
mild polite engagement
as attention nonetheless.

My discomposure
a child nagging at my leg
pulling the sewn thread
and unravelling until I look
as naked as I feel.


33 thoughts on “67

  1. I really like this, the way you juxtaposition the physical with the emotional using symbolism. It’s also very sexy. I might title it “Wallflower,” and on that note–ask you if you would like to dance. Slow dance, that is, and smooth out some of those insecurities.


  2. Foolchund Saahil

    Hi Elle, nice poem. It sure show how one feels uprooted in an unknown environment. I especially like the last stanza as if you conveying the emptiness and the stupidity of that situation you find yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. beautiful as always elle, I am back up here with a new site name 🙂 but never could forget you! you flow through us like grace. a mere lady walking through a crowd but is still seen out of the rest. your passion will always make you the very best .. xoxo


  4. Wow. You just voiced that feeling to the bone and with such beauty. I know it front and back and in and out. This just gifted me greatly. It’s always wonderful to become be reminded that others feel exactly the same way. Makes life less lonely and me feel less odd. Thank You! 🤗💖☀️

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