there are these moments
that have passed, but
never really left us
entrenched in who we are
and who we’re becoming

we drive along dirt roads,
resisting the urge to race raindrops
flying against the windshield
we see boxed birthday cake mix
and can’t justify buying it because
it’s no one’s birthday

these moments in our lives
times we did or did not
we discover profound truths
that we are defined by what
we let happen to us

that every single life has value
that every day is worth celebrating
with a boxed birthday cake


7 thoughts on “133

  1. I’ve been reflecting on the past lately in an accepting, nostalgic way, yet with a subtle sigh always, it seems. I’ve been strolling through childhood photo albums at mom’s and re-opening my own shoeboxes at home. I am always inspired by my youthful eyes. I try to rectify the why with that foolish woman who stayed too long in that relationship. But, as your poem reflects, whether or not we ever come to terms with the whys and what-ifs, it has all made us who we are and always remains. I think we must simply find the best parts of all of those days and with that, crochet; we are free to choose our own colors and patterns today.

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