The time it takes to grow:
cultivate endurance
radiate energy
weed out negativity
drink enough water

branch out to others
touch sunlight
share the room
breathe deeply
exhale fear
insist on persistence
outgrow your surroundings
be kind
be proud

uproot doubt
bloom confidence
do the best you can
be all you can be
and know that in itself
is plenty.


22 thoughts on “46

  1. Again, I always look forward to Sundays! As always, beautifully written! It is kind of like you are always reading my mail and writing about exactly what I am going through or you offer up some encouragement that I desperately needed to hear! Thanks Friend!


  2. shoniessky

    Very Inspiring and uplifting! This is what I mean by being a power being and having what it takes to take words off paper as one reads them. Today has already been somewhat stressful for myself and I felt stuck at what to do or hw to deal. I said let me go see what Elle has written yesterday and here is where I feel god sent me. Some force, some where and I’m glad I did because I felt each line and more so BELIEVED each line! In that gave me the release of burden and openness to find peace from all that staggered me. truly real and deep, I love it! I also know a lot of other people needed to read this and it will make a difference.. great work! πŸ™‚ xoxo


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