I think my biggest take-away is this:
don’t make a new mistake to cover an old one.

Happiness comes in spontaneous bursts
in moments you never thought you’d miss.
(When I think about it hard enough,
I can hear the waves crash
just out the window–
just out of reach)

We have so much to do
so many new memories to miss;
if my past taught me anything,
it’s to forgive myself, every time.

We only have this time together
and this one chance
to (maybe) get it right
and be okay if
we get it a little wrong, too.

24 thoughts on “45

    1. It’s easier to forgive others I think, because there’s a part of you that thinks that maybe you misunderstood their story. When forgiving yourself, you also are trying to forgive every flaw about yourself. I feel that, too.

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      1. shoniessky

        You are so bright! That is exactly why it’s easier for most to forgive others Elle, because we do feel a sense of not understanding their story. We start to allow our minds to toy with us to make us think maybe, just maybe we were at more fault! Well explained


  1. shoniessky

    You are capable of any and everything and sometimes the greatest of people find it harder to see their full potential or great impact they make on others. You are an inspiration to others and to myself.. I love this piece and I love your heart. You are amazing!!!

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