Reach in search of self doubt
self hate
and come up empty.

You have done enough
the universe is so proud of you
and all the light you’ve radiated
has fueled your loved ones
in loving you back, tenfold.

You are miraculous
a picture perfect work in progress
the stage is dress rehearsal
and you’re just getting started.

You have been magic since your birth
and when you get through
the roughest patch
you are magic, even still.

So let’s skip the dramatic clichés
exaggerated can-nots
let’s reach for everything we deserve
even if we’re scared of failing
and let’s walk on stage anyway.


This week, I’ve felt a bit of impostor syndrome and suffered the “I can’t do it” mentality. This piece has realigned me–if you’re feeling the same way, please use 44 to realign. Continue to reach and reach and reach.




46 thoughts on “44

  1. shoniessky

    Truly amazing, very beautiful, true and uplifting. You are one in a million Elle and you’ve penned exactly how you are seen from others as well. So human with emotion that sometimes some may forget a person so talented too has fears and self doubts. You are absolutely deserving of it all. 👏👏❤

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  2. Once again, “Like a Clockwork Sunday” (sorry), the first thing I read this morning was your new poem. And this one was exactly the one I needed at just this time! (so much that I include the dread exclamation point). I won’t go into why, but I’m serious. Thanks so much. A now-happier Mark

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  3. admjanse

    Your words always coming in clutch… I relate to this deeply this week, and it was so comforting to read it from you. You have such a way with words! Thank you<3

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  4. Elle, another beautiful poem from the heart and soul. You’re words ring so true for so many. The words are put together with much meaning and emotion. Your talent shows through and sings to you to not stop doing what you love and what you’re so good at.

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  5. This is some good realignment:
    “you are magic, even still.”
    “and lets walk on stage anyway”

    We are not bound by the praises of others and there is such beauty in community of living life with one another!

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  6. unapologetichypocrisy

    I felt like that a few months back and a friend who has been writing poetry for a while gave me some advice that really snapped me out of it.

    Anyway great piece, you’re the real deal, you don’t need to doubt that.

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    1. Thank you so much–sometimes I don’t feel like the real deal, but some days like this when I hear kind words of yours, it gets lighter. Thank you 🙂


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  8. You’ve got a fantastic journey ahead of you . People can feel your awesomeness ! We are thrilled to be alive at this time just to watch you succeed. Don’t think for a minute you’re not changing lives or changing the world . You rock, Elle 🤗❤️

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