Are you guys for real??

When I began this blog on October 1, 2017, I was in search of a place to land. Somewhere to put my dozens of dusty journals filled with poetry, songs, short stories and anecdotes where they could catch a bit of sun and bloom. And my goodness, did they ever.

I had no idea I would find friendship in so many of you. I am unbelievably grateful for the endless support you have shown me. In reblogs, likes, comments, even in your help in getting me 4 100 votes in my scholarship essay! This community really is a village, and I am in love with it all.

I always get inquiries from readers about blogging help and I only thought it fitting to share those tips with you all today!

Please note that I put a lot of effort into this blog because I also use this as a portfolio for my professional life as a PR student. Showing that I can generate that traffic is integral to my work as a future communicator in my field. You and I probably have different goals—please don’t think that my journey has been grown naturally or of luck. I have read some incredible work from WordPress writers, and someone who is using their platform as a personal diary and someone like me who uses it as a portfolio piece will not have similar results. Do what works for you!

Without further ado, here are my top three tips to boost blog traffic:

1: When someone leaves you a comment, comment on their blog!
I can’t stress this one enough! If someone gives you that courtesy, return it. This is a community of writers who love comments and feedback from other writers. We are all here to learn from each other. 

2: Utilize your other platforms!
And I don’t just mean put the link in a new tweet—add a little blurb about what it’s about, or a great quote from it you love. Engage in the community by following hashtags! On Instagram for example, if you view the #poetry hashtag and follow/like some posts there, you’ll build a new connection on a platform that will link back on WordPress—and maybe get you some Insta-friends on the way!

3: If someone likes your post, like three of their posts.
This one is a bit aggressive, but stay with me here. Everything about traffic generation is giving courtesy back when it has been afforded to you. Maybe I’m just Type A, but I always remember those users who leave comments and likes on my page. When their blog comes up on my feed, I won’t hesitate to leave a few comments on their blog as an appreciation of their ongoing friendship with me.

I want to STRESS the idea that this blog takes time and effort. I spend at least two hours everyday—and I mean everyday—going through new posts, leaving likes and comments, optimizing my social media outlets and always writing new content in order to get those numbers up. On Sunday for my big posts, I am easily mulling over my page for five cumulative hours. There is A LOT of work behind the scenes; don’t be discouraged if we are at different points in our blogs!

Elleguyence is the first place I ever spoke publicly about my struggle with bulimia in my post, 18. I cried the night before, terrified that I would be judged or misunderstood for attention-seeking. I had a lump in my throat as I clicked “Publish”, and I cried again as my inbox FILLED with women telling me their stories, too. It was a rush of relief, knowing we weren’t alone (and we never were).

When we were born, we were put on this planet with other people. We are nothing without the support of each other, and this community has shown that to me tenfold. Please, don’t hesitate to ask me questions about this blog, whether it’s diagnostics, widgets, content creation and more, comment below!

Thank you all again for your support. This little pocket of the internet has really become a facet in my life.



158 thoughts on “2000 Followers!

  1. johnlmalone

    I love the tips. I now realize I must put serious time into my online life not posting a poem and then getting disappointed when I get ten or so likes and no comments. Thank you

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey John–what is your website URL? The reader sends me to johnlmalone.wordpress.com, and it says it’s not a domain. Maybe that’s why you aren’t getting as much likes–no one can get to your site! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You should send a live chat to one of the WordPress Experts! Head over to the FAQs and send a message to fix that up–I’m sure it would boost your numbers!


  2. “1: When someone leaves you a comment, comment on their blog!
    I can’t stress this one enough! If someone gives you that courtesy, return it.”
    Well I’ll be damned. We’re at point number one and I’ve already learnt something! This should have been obvious, but hey, imperfection is the new sexy! ;P

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    1. Haha! Yes! It’s a great way to interact with others–if everyone followed this rule, we’d all be giving each other advice and seeing what else is going on in our communities! Always great to see others contributing and growing together!

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  3. Hi Elle, Your post with your engaged and generously shared insights and personal experience is inspiring to me. I have already started to try some of your suggestions out, while I am also re-dreaming my own blog. Wishing you much continued connection and expansion in your work, your creativity, and with your readership, too! I’m so glad I explored your site today and will explore a little more after I leave this reply! ❤

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  4. The lovely thing about WordPress is how we are all connected. Our words reach places I never thought possible until I joined and I am filled with a sense of satisfaction when someone likes what I make. Which is a thing of rarity in a life of grey. Keep up the good work and you’ll never stop growing.

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  5. I particularly love your suggestions because they build community and encourage others. Feedback and encouragement are so important to even the most introverted of writers, and you never know when a like or a positive comment is going to make all the difference to that other person.

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  6. Congratulations on all your recent achievements. I enjoyed reading your poems as I scrolled down your home page and I also enjoyed reading your tips in this post. Thank you for liking one of my recent posts, it was nice to meet you via your blog.I hope you don’t mind my not hitting 3 individual post like buttons while I distracted here but I should be doing something else and I don’t drive 🙂 Best wishes for your continuing success.

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  7. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

    Thanks for the ideas 🙂 I’ve just written my first two posts and was wondering how to connect with more people. Your tips have surely helped 🙂


    1. Thank you for reading!!! Let me know how these go for you! They work so well for me, I thought that I’d share 🙂 Thanks for coming by Millie!!


  8. Congratulations on 2,000. That’s amazing and quite an accomplishment. Keep writing beautiful poems and there will be no limits to your followers, just like you have shown that you have no limits. Stan

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  9. Christian loves Barcelona

    I followed love that post just needed that at the right moment! Is there another idea besides social media because i don’t have a account.
    I just started my blog last month and it has 23 followers.
    please visit my blog at: quotestoencourage.wordpress.com
    and please follow and share if you like it! thanks again.

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  10. Hi Elle,
    Your blog is a joy to read. I believe you have a gift for communicating through your writing. I haven’t been very disciplined with my blog, but after reading your three tips on how to make it flourish I am inspired to try.
    With true admiration, Rich

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! I always prefer the simple ones–especially ones that are compatible with the WordPress reader. The more difficult it is for others to access your site, the more reasons the user will have to “drop off” once they arrive. If the navigation is too difficult or too ‘fluffy’, a reader will be more likely to stop clicking through. The simpler the better! Hope this helps 🙂 I’m happy to answer more questions if you have em!


      1. I love the colour scheme too! Smart to add the follow icons to the right side there as you scroll down–always think about what is the more reader-friendly. best of luck!!


  11. Thank you for liking my little poem. I am so happy — it brought me here. Your writing is amazing and these tips are soooo great and generous. Thank you and may God bless you with success, peace, joy and pure love! Thank you! 🙂

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  12. Hey, congrats. I’m also a new poet on this platform got to learn a lot from your article and also as a poet i can tell your poems are great. Keep up the good work and keep motivating the likes of me with such article its hardly been 38 days of my journey i can just hope to attain the level you have reached. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you! It’s not difficult to build a following as long as you give back what you get–always make sure to show your gratitude by sending likes and comments their way! 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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    1. Personally, I think it does help. There is a separate community of content creators there (such as #poetsofinstagram, which is huge over there but not on WordPress). I think it’s all about the type of reach you’re looking to get–for me specifically, Instagram is a great platform because of the existing popular hashtags, but someone who is a food blogger would rely on the visual content rather than the text copy. Great question! The short answer is yes, but depends what your ‘niche’ is.


  13. What a wonderful post this is full of sharing of yourself and such valuable information. As a new blogger I am learning all the time about the amazing community that the internet can provide, in building relationships with total strangers often with common interests, and also new and exciting interests.

    I look forward to seeing what else you have to share with us 💜

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