in a calm bravery
persevering against all odds
we pick ourselves up and
laugh through bitter tears

I remember when scraped knees
would sting my demeanour
swearing off risk and telling myself that
pain wasn’t worth it

how many mountains have I climbed since
how many knees, scraped
in the valiant effort
to fail and fail and fail
until I didn’t



I once used to choose between essentials
to save on the costs I’d accrue
so frugal in my pursuit of protecting
my coin purse

that fallen sparrow
that delicate insecurity
of knowing what I needed and yet
simply could not afford

I remind myself to be thankful
to be in a position of privilege
to have the power to pay for
the things I deserve
because of what I’ve built
because of everything I’ve achieved
because of the person I’ve grown to become
all those years ago