neatly, row by row
we expect things to go, just so
an exact science
a perfect, synchronous dance

I’ve never quite felt that
things went according to plan
my to do list, neatly ticked
instead it was more like
ingredients poured into a bowl
mixed until it’s all
one and the same

at the end of the day, you end up with a cake
and it’s delicious and warm and colourful
who cares what it looked like to get here
if you already earned your slice


3 thoughts on “175

  1. I love the connection to baking especially at this time when some of us are home a lot more. I have definitely had time to make some yummy and some failed deserts but their sweet, warm taste never failed to bring a smile in the making. This makes me think of a new webtoons, “Romance 101” the main character is following her to-do list but I hope that she has a moment where she sees that it isn’t in the productivity of making a cake (metaphorically) but that it is the fun of seeing what it will make <3. Thanks for your poems, Elle.


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