does it ever cross your mind
heart eyes across the telephone
so dejected, disconnected
some company you are

screen cracked, rose-coloured glass
maybe you’re all tied up
I’m curling the corkscrew wire
tousling through my fingers like
those fall nights when we’re alone

casual cruelty, always
aglow from your phone
read receipts left on read
are you even seeing me?

7 thoughts on “111

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  2. Adeline Writes

    Yikes. I can’t say I completely understood the depth of the poem, but this sounds like a tragic relationship. Are you okay? I may be a stranger, but I’m here if you need me. Just send a message.

    I feel a little lost with this poem. It feels like there’s many facets to it and I’m only seeing it from one side.

    Cheers, love.
    ~ Adeline


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