seeking quiet(er) moments 🤫

dear, you (1)


Another month gone, another new love letter. October came and went in the blink of an eye and I’m sure you had it jam packed with endless events: late nights, sleep-ins, hard work, Netflix binges, the list could go on. Today, let’s talk about just how busy our lives have become.

I spent all last week striding through these stunning scenes of red, orange, yellow leaves and the sound the wind makes when it dances through it. An ode to a crisp autumn, it’s amazing just how much you hear when you start really listening. Birds pecking away, leaves crunching underfoot, a dog barking in the distance. And the silence.

The moment I started to realize just how quiet it was, I realized how loud the rest of my life is. Head-down-headphones-in, meetings galore, cars honking, endless chatter. Since coming back to my reality this week, here is my two cents: clear up some space in your life to let great stuff come your way.

Our concrete commutes and dedication to the #grind aren’t the only things we have going for us. We have long lives ahead full of innovation, boundless creativity and genuine human connection.

The best parts of great thinking are in the times when you can actually hear yourself think. Let yourself have that freedom. You don’t have to always be plugged in, you don’t always have to be as successful as your Instagram says you are. Sometimes, you can just be you. And that’s pretty damn great, too.


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10 thoughts on “seeking quiet(er) moments 🤫

  1. veeds

    Here’s a quirky idea on the other side: Next time you find yourself at a large party, club or other social event — step aside for 5 minutes (unobtrusively) and let the mixture of sounds float around you (that’s the only way I can describe it at the moment). That is, don’t try to decipher the conversations or music, just let it surround you. It’s almost like meditation.

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  2. Well said. It’s easy to get swept up in the wave of our lives where the noise is commonplace and the beauty of silence a mere memory, few and far between. I enjoyed your post. It was a great reminder for me to seek quieter times. Thank you.

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  3. Adeline Writes

    Preach, love.

    My life is filled with endless noise — from the intrusive thoughts of my illness to the constant back-and-forth of refreshing a new post in that compulsive need to find new feedback and validation.

    It’s so hard for me to find true stillness in my life. When the world around me sleeps, my mind continues to roil. It’s easy to forget that drowning noise with more noise only makes the world louder, more hostile.

    I have immersed myself in it. I bathe in it. I breathe it. Even now, in expressing how beautiful and simple your words make me feel, I realize that I am still plugged in and that I will not truly be still until the next moment I pause to breathe in silent meditation of Bodhicitta.

    I do not offer myself much stillness these days, and the longer I go without it, the harder it is to grasp.

    Cheers, love.
    May the wind sing to you through the leaves in the trees.

    ~ Adeline

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