a song comes on that reminds you
of everything you used to feel
and when it’s over, you play it again

funny how memories are debossed on music
like grooves in a record
and we swear we’ll never replay old mistakes
until we do

10 thoughts on “99

  1. Frank LaManna

    Very good Elle, 💕 and true.

    Let me share this story quickly..lol..
    when i was a senior in high school, my friend had a sleep-over party. There was a girl there i really liked, which i ended up sleeping next to on the floor in our sleeping bags. (nothing happened), anyway, the next morning i heard a song playing before i left his house, and for next 12 years, every time i heard this song, it reminded me of her and that night. I think some of our strongest memories are intertwined somehow with music.

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