fake it til ya make it

dear, you (1)

Let’s talk about confidence.

I’ve known plenty of successful, confident people who didn’t know what they were talking about—in this case, let’s call him Steven. I can objectively say that the Stevens I’ve met in my life are rambunctious, driven and hold heads up high despite (and let’s face it) we know a lot more than him. But he is so confident in his abilities that he convinces others of it: he moves up in the ladder, gets the promotion, gets the better grade or whatever it is, while it always seems that you get left behind.

Now, that’s not any fault of Steven for being able to portray that level of self-esteem and leverage it to get what he wants. But it does provide a disservice to us if we don’t do the same—especially if we have the same (or better!) capabilities that he does.

And while you and I both know that Steven may not be the smartest guy in the room, we also know for a fact that it’s the confidence that got him there. This week, I want you to walk into every encounter with the exact same level of confidence that Steven has. Even if you feel like you may not totally know what you’re doing or if you feel completely out of your depth. Hold your head up high. Drown out your insecurities. Believe in your own ability.

I know that sounds terrifying and uncomfortable to be so self-assured, but you know that you know your stuff. People like Steven have faked it until they made it; lucky for you, you already have it. You just need to be ready to share it with everyone else.

Be assertive. Be confident. Know your worth. If Steven can win over a crowd and have no idea what he’s talking about, you can walk in with that same enthusiasm, a lot more knowledge, and woo the crowd over, too.



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One thought on “fake it til ya make it

  1. varjakBaby

    This has really interesting implications for corruption; corrupt governments, corrupt corporations, corrupt systems in general. A socioeconomic system, in the most general sense, built upon confidence instead of knowledge is someday going to run into a wall and break, for lack of knowledge of the wall. Where it is located, how rigid it is, its mass, height, texture, etc. They think they know but don’t. So in short, they’ll be wrong (incorrect) for being wrong (immoral). This could be taken two ways: There is an extra onus on the shy to stand up and contribute to a dying system (a corrupt one) to save it–but that might be putting too much burden on the shy. Maybe that’s your cup of tea. Maybe not. Responsibility (for others). On the other hand, it might simply state that being quiet isn’t so bad. At least, the ramifications for others are not your fault. Just make sure it doesn’t screw yourself over.


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