be nice to people

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Hi! Grab your coffee and let’s chat. This week felt really difficult at times, but I’m glad we’re here now. It seems like everyone has been in a mood the last few days, and perhaps that has gotten to you, too. Maybe a boss, co-worker, friend, family. Don’t sweat it. Keep in mind that people have their own lives and their own baggage to carry, and even when they display their frustrations, they aren’t always frustrated at you. You may just happen to be nearby.

In my experience, it’s easy to internalize someone else’s emotions as your own. I sure do this a lot. You don’t have to carry this weight on your shoulders. Instead, consider all the tough things going on in your life that people don’t know about. Imagine all those things are also happening to that person.

When you find yourself in moments of frustration with someone else, the most mature thing you can do is to try and understand them. Funnily enough, they’re just like you – only different. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember that thankfully, not everything is about you. Let those folks deal with their emotions on their own, and you go out there and live your life.


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26 thoughts on “be nice to people

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      1. So, hating to be a bother, but I am staring straight at the sidebar and all I see is a “You are Following” widget, a WordPress variation, and a “Thanks for Coming!” notice. No subscription box . . .


      2. Hi Jaya, no worries at all. That would be because you’re already following the blog on WordPress (thank you!) I will configure this tonight and see what I can do, but if you visit using a private/incognito window, it will allow you to input your email address. Thank you so much for being patient and I’ll definitely investigate to make this easier in the future❤️❤️

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      3. Absolutely, a pleasure to enjoy your writing!

        Thank you; if you are using MailChimp, people have told me their subscription plugins have to be carefully installed. Maybe that is it.


      4. I’ll look into it! It’s because subscribing through email and subscribing through WordPress is unfortunately the same plugin. I will definitely seek it out, but I believe incognito or private tabs will help for now! Thank you again for pointing this out, super helpful. Have a great day Jaya!

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  1. Well worded Elle, Too often we forget that other people have emotions and feelings of their own, just like we do. Be nice to people and they will be nice to you. I hope you have a great week and that you be nice to yourself. Stan

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  2. Kathy of London

    Oh, this happens so much in life. It seems I wake up in a good mood and by 11 am not so much Hard to shrug it off sometimes. Thanks for the pep talk 😀


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