I was taught in youth that my body
was designed for a man’s eye
the frill of my skirt, the flick of my hair
the very weight I carried
in my thighs that touch
in my chin that appears
only when I’m smiling
much too wide

I’ve grown in recent years to
shy away from these expectations
and do what I feel is right for me
because if my body is truly my own
I will be having the last laugh
and he has no right to tell me otherwise.


I’m participating in #OursToOwn, an activation for you to write, sing or draw what “my body, my choice” means to you. For a chance to win $10,000 to a charity of your choice, click here to take part!


9 thoughts on “91

  1. I think that what you were taught about your body was not right. You should have been taught that your body was designed for you and you alone. Unfortunately, the teaching that a girl’s body is meant for a man is taught too frequently and that in my opinion is why we have a lot of the problems we do today. I’m happy that you came to the realization that your body was meant for you. Thank you for the beautiful enlightening poem. Stan

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    1. These ideas of ownership and being able to make my own choices that reflect my health, these are fundamental rights for every woman and man, for that matter. If only they were treated the same and decisions were our own. Thanks always, for commenting, Stan!


  2. Thanks for visiting my post. I’m sure its not what you were expecting. Following the links and the accompanying posts are usually off topic. This post caught my eye . Of course, no child should ever be considered as sexually attractive to anyone.
    But at least you were warned. I hope you understand that every journey has a final destination.


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