This summer, I swear I’ll…

Dedicate time to be a better me!

As the weather gets warmer, I’m feeling productive. I’ve created a summer bucket list of things I’d like to accomplish by September to keep myself continuously improving, creating and being me, more often, and I wanted to share it with you all. Feel free to take it for your own!

  1. Write and compose a song (This one terrifies me because I know I can write lyrics but I’m not sure I can compose. Any advice, PLEASE sound off below!)
  2. Write for Medium
  3. Write for Globe and Mail
  4. Go swimming!
  5. Write for ten minutes about the Word Of The Day, everyday
  6. Buy a bike
  7. Go to two concerts
  8. Learn how to and bake macrons
  9. Go to Canada’s Wonderland (I haven’t been in years, and I LOVE roller coasters)
  10. Have three picnics (High Park, Toronto islands, Trinity Bellwoods)
  11. Go to a kickboxing class
  12. Save $4,000 (not including tuition)


What are some things on your list? Do you have any advice for songwriting? Let me know in the comments below!



38 thoughts on “This summer, I swear I’ll…

  1. Composing a song OK, doing the music? Sing it out loud, record it and then get some help, even if it is just someone to give you some chords. For many transcribing onto paper is the last thing that gets done. Have great fun and enjoy those summer holidays 🙂

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  2. Buying a bike is okay. Any advice on how to ride one? I mean, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn when I was a kid, and it’s seems really tough now, followed a few YouTube tutorials but it’s been a month and yet I’m nowhere.

    As far as composing goes (I want to both write lyrics and compose one day, it scares me too), I would say to you what my guitar teacher says in our class … That it’s not necessary that music has to be a really complicated piece. It can be only a few simple notes, pick a scale and get on with it. It is a good way to start and then we can improvise on it. 😆

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    1. I love the idea of starting with a simple scale and working up from that. It’s so daunting to see it as the final product, but one piece at a time might be the best way. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Lists are a great way to be sure you’re living purposefully. Now, are they prioritized? They should be… because that’s an awfully large order… to do ALL those in just one summer! Good luck! I just take one day at a time!


  4. janessamckell

    Well, re: number 1, another option is to write a poem, but think of the poem as having a chorus that gets repeated. Take this to a singer-songwriter who might be a singer that plays instruments, or may be a musician them-self. sit with them and you guys develop it into a song, and you can add ad-libs or a bridge whilst converting it to a melody..

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  5. oviate

    I used to have a home studio (it’s parted and boxed up right now); that could be costly with music..

    However.. if you use an iPhone they come with GarageBand for free. I just figured out it was there after like 3+ years.
    I thought about composing an album with default free instruments just to prove you can do it.

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  6. A rare weekday post and a well thought-out list. My list includes cycling 2700+ miles, catching a major league game in a city I’ve never been to, seeing the Dave Matthew’s Band live and in concert, and working on expanding my list.

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  7. My daughter is a singer/songwriter who has a blog and is mentioned in some of my posts. (Amy Barbera)

    She was recently in the finals for her music video in Orlando and Cannes.

    Her video is ‘Make Me A Butterfly.’


  8. arpitrtiwari

    That’s a great list and I hope you do all of it! Unfortunately I have no clue about songwriting.
    No.6 however is 👌👌. Two wheels are always liberating, whether with pedals or a motor, regardless. Have fun! 🙂


  9. I enjoyed reading your list. When I was in college I had a bed and a guitar. Each semester I spent almost all my time doing homework or working on my music. I would say, try restricting other activities or hobbies you may have. Setting aside all extra time to focus on writing music will pay off. Best of luck and you should share what music you come up with. ✌


  10. As to guitar learning the common voicing chords is a great starter and learning power chords is a good thing to. I listened to the james taylor here and quite nice but can tell you that’s wayyyyyy advanced for me. I’m strictly geared for rhythm. As to songwriting you certainly have a nice universal flow in your writing. i don’t use garageband but i use soundcloud. I was taking lessons a while back until life got complicated. but one thing he told me was that I do originals. So here is something I did. It’s not perfect but i’m using common voicing chords with a few inversions. Hopefully you will be able to listen to this. One of the hardest things for me to do is when I press the record button.

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  11. Well, You might try writing the lyrics for your song and then start singing a tune to them? Then you can record it. Most songs consist of 3 to 4 chords – two verses a chorus a 3rd verse and ending with a chorus! According to Willie Nelson, the great success of country music is that it is 3 chords and the truth! I have faith in you. Please keep us posted on your progress through the summer!! Please!

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