I spent a lot of time trying
to fit into another skin tone –
dyeing my hair lighter
wearing muted clothing
pretending to dread the lunches my mother packed
that my friends always made fun of

Today, my jet-black hair requires no comb
I pack delicate, complex meals
speak three languages and
languish, knowing
what an honour it is
to just be asian.

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! I’m dedicating a few poems to my family this May. Please feel free to share your stories in the comments below.


22 thoughts on “86

  1. Elle, I’m glad to see that you’re honoring your family and your heritage. Without them, where would you be, “just” another lost soul trying to find your place in life? This is another beautiful poem, short and so descriptional. I love reading your poems. Keep up the great work, Stan

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  2. Be proud of your culture. I do think in the UK we have been blessed that immigrants have added so much to our understanding of culture and introduced new thoughts on what culture means and why we need to respect and keep it 🙂

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