there are those who haunt like
slamming doors and breaking glass
and there are those who haunt like
faint whispers, just out of ear shot
hoping to be heard
and not, simultaneously

if I came back as a ghost
after all these things I lived
I couldn’t haunt those I left.
even if they forgot about me
I’d close doors quietly
leave everything in place
and I’d still love them anyway


18 thoughts on “82

  1. Adeline Writes

    I hope you pardon the pun, but that was quite hauntingly beautiful.

    What a benevolent spirit one must be to have means of causing a ruckus, of creating constant reminders of one’s self but to instead watch peacefully from a distance to allow their loved ones to slowly heal and move on.

    Cheers, love. Beautifully written.
    ~ Adeline

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