envision ambitions that are so loud
everyone can hear them

you’ve come all this way
everything that is ahead
is yours



I’ve had a crazy week launching ZED, a marketing agency run by 16-24 year olds across the country. I thought I’d share the pick-me-up I wrote to get me through this thrilling (and exhausting week).

Also, are you doing #NationalPoetryMonth? I am! Connect with me on Twitter to see my posts every night.



6 thoughts on “80

  1. True to form. Short and to the point. It says it all and it says what is you. Ambitions can sometimes seem so loud that they shout out everything that you have accomplished and all that’s still ahead. Good motivational poem. Best of luck on your new adventure. You’ve earned it and you’ll nail it. ❤ Stan

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  2. Nice one. How many poems have you published, Elle? Speaking of poets, I recently did a review on my blog of “Sylvia”, with Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig, about Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. One of my ex’s (who sadly is no longer with us) was a major poetry person: kindest woman I ever knew. She would have enjoyed your work, as I do. Cheers,Mark

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    1. I’ve just reached my 80th! I’m also doing the #NAPOWRIMO challenge on my Twitter, but not as polished as the stuff on my site.
      She really does sound so kind, what wonderful taste. Thank you so much for your comments.


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