Chandelier expectations:
dozens of bodies have
entered and left my life
and each of them, I think
takes a piece of me
on the way out.

I find myself diagnosing
symptoms they didn’t know
I felt inclined to cure.

I carve out my martyrdom
I settle at the top of my high horse
and resent their apathy when
they don’t want my
unsolicited service.

Imagine my surprise as I see their rejection
piling up, single use cutlery
my good intentions
(yet maligned purpose)
end up being wasteful
and wasted.


37 thoughts on “72

  1. Elle, This is another beautifully well-written poem that expresses how much you care about people and how much you want to help them, even when they don’t want help. You have a special desire to cure the problems of the people that come into your life and then when you try to help them they resent your efforts. However, even though they shun your help, it doesn’t take away from your heart. Love the poem, Stan


    1. It’s hard to learn to leave people the way they are, sometimes. If they don’t ask for help, it’s not always a challenge for you to overcome them–it’s a tough pill to swallow. Thank you for your kind words, Stan!

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      1. I recently retired from this. I have no desire to try to change anyone ever again, never should have made that my mission in the first place. In my fixing-helping people retirement, I have come to truly appreciate the uniqueness in others. (Some I appreciate in very small doses…)


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