Holidays used to horrify
my sanity and sensibility.
The last minute scramble
to be cuffed to a decent man
of decent values to decently
satisfy my family’s questions.

To be presented at the
dinner table, served
as arm candy
dressed to impress.
With or without a man
I’m the appetizer, the entrée, the dessert
I’m not a plus one.

I am a worthy dinner guest
to any evening soiree.
I’m fine on my own, thank you
frankly, I’m wonderful company.

44 thoughts on “65

  1. Elle, you have a knack to attack everyday things that affect us all and create a living wonderful poem. Your poem is excellently written and again shows a side of you that impresses the world with your ability to express your feelings. You have a talent that is mature beyond your years. I love this poem. Stan

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      1. You’re very welcome but it’s your poetry that deserves all the credit. 🙂 Hope that you are having a beautiful holiday time and that you’re more than ready for the New Year 2019. The new year should be a poetry year to remember.

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    1. Holidays eventually as you grow up, you realize that it’s a choice, the ones you spend time with. It’s a hard pill to swallow but sometimes it’s better for your health if you cut them out. Thanks for sharing.

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