Sagittarius in the stars
etched in my arm
a symbol of honesty, integrity, resilience
I’ve often attributed to my successes.
My mother always told me that
I was luck itself since birth
and everyday since.

Car rides would never catch
red lights
events would align just right
if only I was there for it.

Like the shimmer at the top
of our Christmas tree
I yearned to glow as bright
as the expectations I was
born into.

The archer, the achiever
if the ground ever felt too hard
and the days passing seemed just
far from grasp
anchor yourself in the stars that
predisposed your path
all those years ago
and what is still to come.

18 thoughts on “63

  1. Elle, another beautiful poem portrayed as only you can do. Sagittarius is your birth sign and your destiny was written in the stars. Of all the things in life, your path was predisposed and everything has been going forward, one missed red light at a time but your future awaits you just like the star at the top of your Christmas tree. I love the poem, Stan

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