6AM, fragile morning air
whispers of fall.
orange hue, honey’s dew
my lungs breathe in
the crack of crème brûlée
nestled in the back of my throat
sweet, burnt
sun, rising

the cafe ’round the corner
he’s smiling at her
behind the counter
he imagines tucking her wisps
behind her ears, she
pours frothed milk
white ribbons
holding back a yawn

“Keep the change,”
“see you at lunch,”
the softest exchange
familiar faces for another time

When the sun has woken up too,
he’s mustered the strength
to ask if he can
see her again
in the evening.


27 thoughts on “58

  1. Joe821

    I love the naturalness of the story. It displays a rich vocabulary but at the same time one can imagine the average person describing the scene with the same words.


  2. varjakBaby

    This didn’t do much for me. I read it twice; I read it this morning, and re-read it just now. I liked the rhyming it had, I dind’t like the phonetic sounding of the ending, and I’m not typically a fan of love poems, as far as how they are executed the majority of the time.


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