Please, don’t mind the mess
place your things wherever you want
organize the pillows however you like
should we order in?

Do you like green or red grapes?
Depends which ones look sweeter
How can they look sweet?
I don’t know, they just do
somehow, he’s right every time

Tumble dry
the permanent press of life
eggs, milk, some carrots
dryer sheets and dish soap
and some wine, probably
cheers to us,
we deserve it

Mismatched saucer and a chipped highball
sugar rim my glass
we complain about the week ahead, clink
we dream about who we’ll be in a decade, kiss
we laugh at friends getting married too soon, refill
we converse til our eyes grow heavy
we leave for work in the morning
and we always come home to each other.


Today is my one year anniversary on WordPress! Thank you all for embarking on this adventure with me. Almost 3,000 followers later, who knew we could come together like this?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



25 thoughts on “54

  1. Another beautifully written poem about the kind of life we all face. It encompasses all that we feel and experience in life. You’ve put together the many fabrics that we encounter throughout our daily routines. It’s a story that we can all share. I love it and feel a closeness to it. Stan

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! I think everyone will interpret it differently. I think I love the imagery of 2 close friends in love. I’m a hopeless romantic so it’s just perfect for me!


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