A border drawn down my spine
of believing in me
and believing others

If we were put here
to compete against our neighbour
it’s no wonder my fists are callused
and yet I still feel

Your achievements are not
my shortcomings
I’ve spent my whole life envying strong women
until I realized maybe
I’m one, too

All my failures, and their embers
the ashes of every rejection
of something done wrong and tried again
I’ll gulp the fear of not being good enough
dust off my dancing shoes
and just do my best.

37 thoughts on “51

  1. Your poems are a dances of your spirit: a minuet of hope, a foxtrot of forgiveness, a limbo of daring, a cha-cha of defiance, a Charleston of abandon, a Twist of Cool. (I left out Rumba because this is a family program.) Thanks to you, every Sunday is cheered from the get-go….

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  2. We are absolutely not put here to compete against our neighbors, that’s bs. We’re put here to compete against ourselves, and to help our neighbors do the same; everything would be better if we propped each other up instead of cutting people down (literally and figuratively). So, just keep doing your best

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  3. Tektite Tears

    Wow to “A border drawn down my spine.” I have recently dusted off my dancing shoes, too. It has changed my whole playlist… ❤ I hope we can learn to become calloused from giving so many others a hand. What a lovely write.

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  4. shoniessky

    there is no MAYBE about it, you are the definition of a STRONG WOMAN! for many reasons, 1. because you have showed so much of yourself through writing. that is never easy.
    2. you fall back on your own memories and redefine what may have been wrong at first, that it was never you! It were people around you to make you feel elle wasn’t enough, when all along you were everything.
    3. you continue to shine through every chance you get and you never stop pushing your limits, therefore leaving you limitless. You will always be someone of great character and honor!! xoxox

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