No halo:
I used to press my fingers into your back
the rebound felt like
wet cement
I thought you would keep me

There are so many stories
I’ve never told because
I’m ashamed of the moral takeaways
(there aren’t any)

Self destruction like
hurting others
so I could
feel something.

Instead of moving away
leaving this dilapidated apartment
entering plush lawn fronts
instead of seeking more for myself
I just changed the curtains
fluffed the pillows
and stayed
and stayed
and stayed.


I know you all often wonder about my writing prompt process, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate where I (swear on my life) got the “no halo” prompt for 42 from.

I hope you’re all enjoying your summers in your nook of the planet!




22 thoughts on “42

  1. varjakBaby

    Okay, I don’t know if this is blunt, but I find it hilarious and great that you found inspiration from an LMFAO song. Talk about finding inspiration in the strangest of places. Not strange, just–you know, it’s pop, it’s out there. It’s not your typical soft-spoken poetry. Well done, Elle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I KNEW I had to add that in as an anecdote, because even I couldn’t believe it. The words “no halo” were just so interesting, and no less from a wild song like that lol. Thank you!


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