Honey, suckle:
perch on this stool
gin and juice and
boys will come buzzing
you’ll see, bumblebee.

Hi, biscus:
across the bar
highballs lined up like
obstacle course
take the baton
and carry us home.

making this a game
just makes it more fun.
Like pulling weeds from the garden,
tell me where
to put my hands

some power you have
over us all
kiss me at my apartment landing,
even the grass dances.

I wake up and you’ve made tea
you’re still here
in my greenhouse
and we’re blooming


Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian readers. May our country continue to be the True North, strong, and free.




41 thoughts on “40

  1. Elle, Thank you for sharing yourself in this way. I subscribed to your blog a while ago, and now look forward to every email that invites me to another piece. I feel like I am visiting another world…

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    1. Aw thanks Jack that is so kind of you!! Sometimes I worry those emails feel like spam so I’m glad you get something out of being a reader. Thank you for sharing this! 💕💕💕


  2. That’s a beautiful poem, Elle. Again, it’s a personal tribute to you and to flowers. May they all bloom and provide the beauty that only you and they can do. Few people in the world can put words together and make them sparkle as you can. I’m happy to be getting your blogs and your shining poems. Keep writing them. More people enjoy them than you realize. They give us an emotional lift. Happy Canada Day! Stan

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  3. I’ve had a lot less time on my hands these days than before but catching up on your poems has been a highlight. Like a cup of tea on cool night, there’s something filling about your poetry that unfurls across your body.

    In this one in particular, the wordplay and imagery were so gorgeous. Thanks for posting and it’s amazing that you’re able to do this week on week.

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