Children killed by
a gun in a child’s hands
and all we have left
are grains of sand
slipping through our hands
fleeting, passing
until it happens again.

How can I not be sentimental
over lost time?

What if all of life was a bank
withdraw and deposit as we felt fit?
All those years those children will never live
placed in a pool
for anyone to fulfill.

A father on a deathbed
aching to walk his daughter down the aisle
buys a few years,
based on another’s sacrifice.
Just enough time to make a memory,
postpone the tears.
If only we could live on
borrowed time.

“How sad we have become,”
but have we really “become” anything?
we’ve become complacent
we’ve become regretful
of all the ways we’ve let them down
of all the children we couldn’t save.

48 thoughts on “21

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  2. Benjamin Woolridge

    Wow! This reads like a lament capturing the anguish of loss and the inability to prevent these incidents from happening. Unfortunately, it could have been written years ago and would’ve still been relevant.

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  4. Too sad for me love. I love you. What is the purpose of this sadness? Ok just for a tense moment, life has everything under the sun, hat you mention inclusive. Regret, Shame, fear, Love that too. All things are true under the sun. It’s true. Every little thing she does is magic, everything she dies just turns me on. That’s life. That’s Love, that’s me, Love it all.

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    1. Yes, there is a lot of negativity in the world, but it is essential to take note of when the negative happens. We use millions of taxpayer dollars to find cures for preventable diseases–but when children die from a preventable gun-related disaster, we say that we shouldn’t mar this horrible time with the politics about gun restrictions. If 17 children died by a virus, we would’ve poured money into finding a cure immediately. If gun control results in even a 1% reduction in gun violence, that’s a life saved. There are answers, as long as we are willing to face the questions.

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  5. oviate

    2 years ago my father died and in the last 6 months both grandfathers passed and today I am currently at hospice with my last grandmother passing.

    Through this and many others I’ve gone from atheist or agnostic to seeing there’s a design, so there’s meaning.

    The complacency is a reason.
    This topic is covered very well in the show The Leftovers which I found clunky at the start and beautiful by the end. The destruction of the nuclear family. Coincidentally the book is based on 9/11 and the show is based on Sandy Hook.

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      1. oviate

        I’m catching up on your page and I may have many comments at a later time.
        Also, I can be wordy.

        Sometimes it’s nice in these environments to get likes and comments that explain the specific connection so the person knows it’s sincere and not posturing. I quit this years ago because of that, my own has a lot of sarcasm due to it.

        Be prepared..

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      2. oviate

        It used to drive me crazy to see like 40 likes and only 3 page views. It only really bothered me when I was studiously write something that actually took a lot of work as opposed to just visually throwing something together then forgetting about it.

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      3. oviate

        It’s the truth of it. This is actually a place/way to search for connection though ideas/expression of our actual selves and the tough balance can be doing things people will like vs doing things that we like that mean something to us. And then.. once it’s published and read people will connect it to themselves which then makes it the property of themselves with a different meaning. (lol)

        I love nine inch nails (I grew up with the band) and that’s one of my “mediation” musics.. he stated early on the struggle with that with fans saying the songs had entirely different meanings to them. Today it has become meditative because (I may write on this subject in the near future) he’s taking all of his concept albums and merging them together into one by having each character of himself existing in their own parallel universe seeking his divine “self” in different alternate versions OF himself. It’s very amazing, it’s supposed to eventually be a tv Series.

        It can be tough to balance out what means something to you that can mean something to others. And then feel you’re writing for others instead of yourself.
        I love comments, even with news sites, just to see that multiple interpretation of reality.

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      4. You should really write an in depth piece about that! There is so much more to say about the topic, especially if it is something you personally connect with.

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      5. oviate

        Which part? Just what blogs really mean? I will eventually write about that. When I was about 4 I noticed adults live in the same playful reality as I did as a child. I think we should be aware of it and use it to give our lives meaning and this is how we can maintain our spiritual bonds in our relationships in marriage and romance.

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      6. Yes that! I’d love to read a more in-depth analysis of it. The topic itself is really broad, and I think it would be wise to use an essay-frame in order to get the points across.

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      7. oviate

        You could write one too. I can often be taken back with insincere behavior on here when it’s obvious people are only getting my attention to self promote themselves and not really connect to others to build on their own ideas. But that’s just me being overly sensitive.


      8. There are some characters on WP that are here for the wrong reasons, but thankfully I haven’t run into too many. If you do end up writing about it, link me it and I’ll check it out!

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      9. oviate

        Well, mostly people are just doing what the site says to do and they’re just kind of stupid about it. By belief is that if you’re looking for something you’ll just naturally find it.

        It came up earlier in the topic of west world where someone said this season is easier to follow this year. (I haven’t started 2 yet) people felt lost by the philosophy but I can/have linked people a lecture explaining the first season of the show in a few minutes and it didn’t connect to them. It’s really that it’s not something there open to or wanting to seek out yet or ever will. You can’t force will on others because people are unpredictable.


      10. oviate

        When they played Fake Plastic Trees in an early episode of season 1 it should have been a tip off of the philosophy. If this link works, skip ahead to 1hr 45min, and it’ll say exactly what it was very plainly. I’ll catch up on 2 this week or next, I don’t think it can be spoiled.


      11. oviate

        Oh, and if you listen to that lecture (it was likely to IBM in the late 60’s or early 70’s) he mentions the diabolic vision. I’ve been through that, which is where everything I know comes from but I’m still learning and learning a lot.


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