First Liebster Award!

What’s the Liebster Award?:

It’s an award in which bloggers nominate other bloggers for showing respect to their works and their dedication. It’s an appreciation and recognition for all the fellow bloggers out there in the blogosphere.


A) Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog post and links back to their blog.

Thank you Jay for nominating me! Even though you’re fresh on the scene (me too!) you’ve posted consistently and meaningfully–something that a lot of newer writers can’t quite seem to master. You also often use accompanying visuals to your posts, and it helps really convey that imagery, adding depth into your work. Thank you for everything you share!

B) Answer 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.

C) Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.

I’ve always seen these awards floating around and I’m so happy to finally receive one. I’ve only been live for four months, but I have about 1,200 followers that I love so much for their support. So hard to choose! These are the 11 blogs I am nominating:

Here is your questionnaire, my friends!

What is your earliest, happiest memory?
Describe your perfect afternoon.
Who do you call when you’re sad?
What was the best part of your week so far?
You’re about to paint. What’s the first colour you pick?
What does your favourite song make you think of?
What’s the name of the childhood friend you saw most recently?
Use the word “candlelight” in a haiku. Go!
What’s your best friend’s favourite hobby?
Who is someone you’re envious of?
Name three things you love about yourself.

D) List the rules and display the Liebster award logo in your post on your blog.


If you were microscopically small what would you rather do and why?
A) Ski down a triple vanilla sundae
B) Row across a cup of hot chocolate on a marshmallow

I would definitely ski down the sundae! Not only does the alliteration satisfy me, but also because I love skiing anyway. The concept of rowing on a steamy mug of hot chocolate mortifies me, considering that I go to the gym a lot and I know for certain I am a very sweaty person. No one needs cardio to get any worse than it is!

Which do you prefer: Something cold to drink on a hot day or something hot to drink on a cold day?

Absolutely something cold to drink on a hot day—we keep coming back to me being sweaty! I find that summer days with a frosty gin and soda in hand has all these sweet memories woven in there. Also, I’m rarely ever cold. Hot drinks might be the tipping point in my body temperature.

Which one of the FRIENDS cast is your favourite and why?

I never really watched FRIENDS, but I know that I’m most similar to Monica. I’m very competitive, and everything I do must not only be the best I can do, but the best out of everyone. (I even wrote my poem, 10, about it!) Also, we’re both obsessive; something must be finished, polished, and most importantly, perfect.

If money was not a problem, what profession would you choose?

Something involving public speaking or singing! I love the stage and the euphoria of the first breath before the speech or the song begins.

Why did you start blogging? What keeps you going?

I originally went to university for English for two years, but found that the content wasn’t practical to consider for a career. I began a degree in public relations this year, and found myself with dozens of journals filled with stories, screenplay concepts and poetry I was still churning out—but no creative outlet to convey them on. I created this blog, elleguyence (a combination of my first and last name, pronounced Elegance) as a home for my words, and to find comfort in other writers. Like a puzzle our words fit into so neatly, the community is what keeps me going.

List 5 things on your work table.

Describe your favourite piece of clothing? How long have you had it?

Maybe my band camp shirts! I’ve had them since I went in high school. They just have this homey, comforting memory connected to them, of rustic cabins, music, songwriting, harmonizing, rock climbing.

Which is your most treasured childhood memory?

It would 100% be National Music Camp of Canada. I went because I wanted a more immersed musical experience that my high school didn’t offer. I paid my way, went alone, and to my shock I made friends I still talk to! I learned how to harmonize, create new music, and really just ease into how to be your own person, starting over with complete strangers. Plus, no social media and no phones! Just summer, trees, lake, and hundreds of inspiring artists that became my friends to brag about.

Who is your idol? (It could even be a fictional character)

I just finished reading Portia de Rossi’s Unbearable Lightness, and it was one of the first times I’ve really felt connected to a book. Her discussions about disordered eating and the pursuit of being perfect really resonated with me. She also talks at the end about how she has overcome adversity, and learned to stop thinking of foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but that at the end of the day, it’s all fuel. She is so inspiring and raw, I hope anyone who has ever suffered from these hurdles can find comfort in her. And read her book!

Which according to you is your most under rated blog post that should have gotten wayyyy more likes than it has?

I actually really enjoy 1. It came from a place of sadness in a relationship I was too young at the time to grapple with. I didn’t understand what addiction looked like, or how it could bleed into me. I still think it’s a great piece of work, but I also used it as my pilot for this blog—so I’m not too surprised it’s not as popular as my recent work.

Complete this sentence using at least 4 words: Life is not merely…

Life is not merely time in versus time out. Take a sick day, and don’t tell Instagram.

26 thoughts on “First Liebster Award!

  1. Hey! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I Soooo enjoyed Your answers! I’m going to be smiling about the whole band camp t shirt thing every time I come to read one of Your beautiful poems. That’s one of the sweetest answers ever!!! 🤗 And THANK YOU more than I can say. You are truly one of my favorite blogs to visit. I look forward to Sundays and am very honored You thought of me. ❤️😊🐬💐 Cheers!!!

    Liked by 2 people

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