The anatomy of confidence:
be as brave as wolves
who call out in the darkest nights
when they know they need help.
Grasp loneliness by the reigns
and never bring it home.

Trudge the unpaved paths
grab your tools from the shed
and build your own defences.

Be unapologetic and call it
self preservation.

You don’t have to be a soft blanket
others find refuge in
when they’re too cold.
You’re allowed to be knitted of the same
kind fibre fabric
and also be brash to those who
kick you off the bed once they’re asleep;
who only hold you when they need you.

Wear your past and shortcomings as a quilt
you remove when it gets too hot.
You are a nation of white blood cells
defending yourself until your dying day
So tuck into your own blankets
put your phone on silent
ignore your door, knocking
and fall back asleep.

39 thoughts on “16

  1. Everheart

    I don’t quite understand your meaning or logic here
    “Grasp loneliness by the reigns and never bring it home.”

    and what do you mean when you say “build your own defences”

    and what do you mean when you say “So, […] go back to sleep?”

    Thanks Elle!

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    1. Hey! Nice seeing you, as always.
      The grasping reigns of loneliness pulls on the imagery of the strength of wolves that loneliness often weighs, you have the power (the reigns) and you can choose where to bring it. Never bring it home, never let it get to you.
      Building defences from the tools you already possess, to protect yourself from the toxic people that surround us, and don’t let them in.
      The going back to sleep is meant to be an example of how to deal with toxic people, even if it’s a little one–if they call and you don’t want to talk, honestly, just ignore the call and go to sleep. Because we don’t have time in the day to spend with people who only call when they need us.
      Thank you for your constructive criticism! I can see how the misinterpretation or lack of clarity is seen here. I really appreciate this feedback!

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      1. Everheart

        I wonder if you might imagine something that incorporates, the wolves, loneliness, and the idea you wish to share of never letting it get to you nor bringing it home.

        Also, I personally am uncertain about building defenses from toxic people and not letting them. Well, it’s true that if you feel overwhelmed by toxic people you are perhaps being triggered, and that the external person is not the problem, but the trigger that you have. It’s also true that when you living with a heart directed purpose, you are a kind of light source that burns so much away around you. I think also of the Law of Attraction and we attract what we vibrationally retain within our psyche. So I’m not sure I agree with defenses. That said, I know a healthy aura is important. I’ve seen this for sure. I think Love is the best defense, as the best offense, in a way. I also think that where you put your attention you build or create, like it or not. If you attend to fear of toxic people you magnetize them to you. Can you elaborate on that please?

        About People who only call when they need us. I love Khalil Gibran’s Poem on Friends. He spells it out nicely, just as you have noticed, we cannot spend much time with those who only call when they need us.

        I feel beautiful to share with you, Elle.

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      2. I agree, I could’ve fleshed out that imagery a bit more at the start, to really get that vibrancy I was going for.
        I do think that it’s important to note that often, being surrounded by toxic people generally means that there is something within me that is attracting them–maybe I’m insecure or don’t understand my worth, for example. However, I (personally) do believe I know a toxic person when I see one, and they are often inevitable. They expect that everyone is as open to their selfishness as the insecure ones who did end up letting them in, invading their space. So when one comes my way, they expect that welcoming tone they’ve received their whole lives–and I know myself well enough to shut the door. If all we give them is love, how will they cultivate their own sense of self? How will I have time for my own?
        I’m speaking more towards knowing that they exist, and that you don’t owe them anything. The first step of being confident in yourself and your aura is to conceptualize when to say no, and when to accept there are some people that we frankly, don’t have time for. It’s not a fear of their toxicity, but an understanding that they have nothing to offer you.
        I’m going to pull up that recommendation tonight and give it a read.
        Thank you for this discussion! Really got me thinking, and it’s always important to give back to the poetry community, for we’ve done so much for each other.

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