Pivoting personalities
doing your best to be everyone
for everyone.
Mother, daughter, wife
cook, cleaner, companion
putting on apron after apron but
never having time to dirty your hands.

A revolving door of weak, disappointing men
men who don’t pick you up from the airport
or pick up after themselves
those who demand recognition for chores
while you silently scrub the stove.

You’ve become the saddest slaughterhouse
a pair of hands, a mind to boggle
he asked for your opinion,
took it to the office, but still to his colleagues you are
boardroom businessman and wife.

May your tears turn to windshield raindrops
your daughters and nieces chase
for the rest of their lives.

May you be a maternal role model
of every girl’s massive mind.
May your apron be smeared by the tears of all the narrow men
who never believed in the strength
you always knew you possessed.

42 thoughts on “15

    1. Moony

      There are good ones, it is just there are not enough who will go against the expected “macho” style and self absorption to see the heart and need for help of another.

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  1. Mr. X

    I like how it ended – strength to women and just the unappreciated in general. Powerful, with memorable lines. Also, thank you for your reading my own writing as well. It’s very much aprpeciated!

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  2. Everheart

    Sounds intense. It is the faith in ourselves that matters most. We are our own authority. And yet, I see you, for I too struggled with faith in myself when I wanted others to help me and didn’t or don’t.

    I once thought knowing what I want is most important. I don’t know now. Now I see that You are more important than even that. We cannot live without each other, though we can without knowing what we want. I suppose, There are more important things than creating things and ambition. We are more important. Connection is more important. Our sanity is more important. While this moment waits for me to attend here and now, no future awaits as if uncreated, but rather it unfolds as a time lapse flower from attending her and now, the home and resting place of beauty and feelings.

    While I attended to my dreams, I lost sight of what is most important, you.

    It is raining here. It is cold and the ground is white of snow.

    I love you, Elle.

    I know how scary being discovered can be. You are now discovered and that is a good thing.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. The best we can do is to be there for each other, and when we fail our side of the bargain, we must understand that letting go is the next natural step. After the smoke clears and time passes, all we have left is ourselves. And especially if we don’t know who we are, or who we are without context of someone else–we have nothing.
      Thank you for coming by, as always it warms my heart to see you come around. The community is there for us, and we toss love into it, for ourselves–and for each other. Thank you, thank you!

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  3. oviate

    This one is my mentioned astrological “soul purpose”.
    North node Virgo first/south Pisces 7th plus Virgo rising (pushes Virgo inward which transcends it) plus a lot in libra 1st then a lot in 12th (sun Leo) then moon Aquarius 5th..
    in realistic language.. it’s finding a way in this new era where genders are equal and independent yet sustain a spiritual bond of union without losing their “self” in the process. I was asked to write a book about the topic around 6 months ago, declined, and the “chart reading” stated it.

    Going to bed: good post.

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      1. oviate

        It’s difficult, I haven’t figured that part out yet. I’m mostly working on the individuality part these days but I supposedly already know the spiritual bond with your partner, yet, need to learn the specifics on how to explain it.
        The part in it that I usually say to people that works as both entertainment for others and to get them to not ask questions was posted on here by me which was the using sex as a form of yoga which is very very small part of it. It’s the one others get stuck on and say “what..?” It’s oddly an old Taoist practice that didn’t last very long for obvious reasons.
        It’s slightly mentioned in here, men need to be able to control their vitality and essence without wasting it because it makes men complacent.


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