“If you were still here,
we could’ve become something.”
“I know.”
“I could’ve made you happy,”
“I know.”
step on my feet,
slow dance

We walked together everyday
after school stroll
cobblestone cul-de-sac
I went the long way
so I could match your stride

We walked each other home
our whole lives
but as we grew older, we never
walked into a home
we shared.

So let us toast
the saddest speech:
to all the childhood loves
who loved each other,
but never at the same time.

44 thoughts on “14

  1. thomas stearns

    Sometimes timing is the saddest part of deep love. You are thankful for it. Even if is shades you with a quiet gray. It helps make you into to the human you are to become.

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  2. I am sorry it has taken me so long to read your poetry after you have read and liked so much of mine, but now that I have found you I will be a regular reader of your finely written, deeply felt work.

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  3. Wow Elle. So moving. Your words are beautiful. And oddly enough… I just met up with a childhood love this New Year’s Eve and we’re on the same time frame now… but you never know for how long. my first childhood love died this year suddenly and young. This was moving and true to read.

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  4. Nice homage to childhood loves. I especially like the ending, It is very difficult to find people at the right time so that you can love each other. Otherwise it is always one-sided love. I think we can all identify ourselves with that not just in childhood relationships but also in adulthood. By the way, thank you for stopping at my blog.

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  5. childhood love maybe lost but never forgotten. Its impossible to forget the first person you feel in love with, even if you were too young to understand. The game of never loving each other at the same time and pain of watching one move on.. the endless cycle always hoping and waiting, but it never happens.

    I like the way you write, I like the way you think

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