Missed connection
two cups on the ends of the thinnest string
dial the tone, set the mood
the scent of pine tree sap
strong against my blue nose.

Cold colours control
evening’s fireplace warmth
we welcomed December
as kind as we could
but still we sit,

Sometimes, I think
your scarf is wrapped too tight,
you need to let yourself breathe
more than you need to fear the cold
seeping into your duvet seams.

Please, come in
(you’ve been here before)
soggy toes versus
fireplace crackle

“Home has always been here,
as long as you are, too
you can always stay
I’ve always wanted you
(to stay)”

The coffee machine’s stubbornness
to not burn the coffee
just once, please
please, just once

26 thoughts on “12

  1. Beautiful poem, the combination of words sounds very musical. I like the contrast between the coldness of the winter and the warmth inside of the home, where the fireplace and the luckily not burnt coffee welcome you. There is also a sense of fragility, perhaps the fragility of our lives, and also the wish to establish communication in these opening lines: “Missed connection/
    two cups on the ends of the thinnest string” and in these: “but still we sit,/
    frozen.” In a way the voice of the poem is inviting another person to unbolt themselves, their scarf is too tight and does not let them breathe. I think the whole poem is a lovely invitation.

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