They leave and I love them, even still
my scaffolding collapses
rock to rubble
me, too weak
to carry this weight
my stride too short
my hopes too high.

I force people in, and
their splinters gnaw my lining;
my warm reception
for them to make themselves at home
has made me into a house.

These ghosts of mountains
I memorized landscapes
grooves, curves, dips
believing their permanence.

Dirty shoes
glass table
me, mud stomped
and only now as I widen my span
take the space I demand
pave my paths
I realize:
some people
will knock on this door
and ask to come in.

20 thoughts on “11

  1. helpfulconversation

    Hello again Elle
    I very much like and resonate with the concept of the inner shift we make to accommodate others and then the surprise when others actually want to come into that shifted and created space.

    I felt comforted, reading 11: I read and recognised something in myself: Aha! That’s what that feeling is!

    This poem has helped me to realise that although I can make a more than comfortable home within me for anyone, I actually don’t want to. I’d rather meet others at the intersection of two hearts – while we each inhabit our own and not each other’s being!

    Thank you for that:)

    Ps Do you post fresh writ poems every week or are these older works you now feel ready to reveal?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. No, thank you! That is such a wonderful interpretation and I absolutely agree. We have to learn to be our own places to land and rest. I always love seeing your blog pop up on my feed, everything you post is so insightful.

      I write a new poem every week! I have written and filled a few journals and I’m often pulling some of those ideas and making them into new works, keeping them relevant to my life and experiences. Thank you for always taking the time to speak to me!

      Liked by 3 people

      1. helpfulconversation

        Welcome:). Isn’t that the point of communication? Isn’t that why we are driven to not only speak and write but also to share – to open a conversation? Always happy to dive deep into the real :).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. helpfulconversation

    Thank you for your appreciative reflection of my blog and how happy you are to see it in your feed! Delighted to be contributing yums to your life:).
    Here in Cymru, in the land of the harp, dragon and of poetry, your poems are finding fertile ground and appreciative hearts, Elle, and not just my own. I look forward to Sundays:).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oviate

    Okay.. well.. this one made it clear to me I’ll do the write up on the NIN concept over the explanation of blogs because the blog explanation would be within it.
    Example: this piece of your reminds me of this song which is a continuation of another called Reptile which, at one point, slowly shifts from a mans relationship with a woman to a relationship with Mother Earth.

    I live in the Midwest US so I tell friends the way they should have initially been tipped off by Trump was his wife and how his relationship is with her because that is a symbol of how a mans caring/loving nature branches out into the world. If he’s shallow, superficial, needs mothered, materialistic, and isn’t loyal it’ll tell you that’s how he’d lead. Nothing against her, it’s just in how he sees and interacts.. but, yes. This song.


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