Pursuit of perfect
I didn’t always strive for
until I realized
I breed disappointment in myself
for not being enough
for me.

Black and white
every question has an answer
every achievement
has another, waiting
that I need to earn
and I will
(because I have to).

You’re a tsunami
blatantly blasé
of how my life is full of rulered lines
I’m a chart and you say you’re art
but you’re making a mess.

Aching for admiration
vying for validation
I’m exhausted from
mending myself.

Your life is malleable
and mine is solid concrete
I don’t trust your architecture
to hold me up;
so thank you for the offer,
but I have things to do.


This week, I did the Enneagram Personality Test and discovered I am Type Three: The Achiever.  If you’re interested in taking the test, you can find the one I did here under “Classical Enneagram Test.” What type are you? Do you agree? Leave a comment below!

40 thoughts on “10

    1. Wow, definitely a happy accident! Thanks for mentioning it. My partner scored as a 6 as well, it’s really interesting how the mistype is so insightful–I know plenty of people who fit two types. Thanks for coming by, see you next week! 🙂


    1. So interesting, isn’t it? After I took the test, I realized that in my life I’m surrounded by 6’s and 9’s. A sweet little reminder of how we’re all connected, and that we’re all necessary to balance each other’s insecurities. Thank you for coming to see me!


  1. Matthew

    Sweetheart, it’s silent to make your aqaintance on these so turbulent waves. Learning to surf or balance these undulations and destabilizing woes that I be free, though our vision of wakefulness is where the light that casts no shadow, that does die again and again and again, a living death, that is what I wish for us, that we see clearly the sparkly spirit of true nature.

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  2. Elle, thank you for responding to my poetry site. I seldom reply to other websites. Something drew me here. Not sure what that something is.
    I smile as I read your poem. You are too hard on yourself. With your important “things to do” you sound like an INTP5, Wing 4, which after taking the test, I seem to be. I am the ‘Investigator’, introverted with little time left for others. I do a lot of subjective THINKING; iconoclastic! Minimalist : my clothing all one color! I do not want to waste my TIME having things match! Amazing how the test tagged me at every turn! Now I must hurry and write a poem about discovering myself. A Fives favorite subject is self-analysis.

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    1. Thank you so much for your reply, I love how you’ve taken the time for this. I don’t often believe in these tests, however the explanations of my Type are both absolutely solid in my self-belief, but also gave me perspective on the traits about me I knew I had, but couldn’t quite pinpoint. Please write about it and link me to it! I’d love to see it.


      1. rishhu

        8w9 was the actual result. And most of it felt true. In fact, I think personality changes occur as a person matures. A lot of me has changed since the past couple of years or so. I’d say the results were upto 70% accurate. The traits are there definitely, albeit in their milder variants. But they are present!

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  6. oviate

    5w6, mbti test INTJ -> don’t get me started on the mbti because it’s based on Jungian analysis/analytic psychology which is a major love of mine. There’s a Bebe model that will tell you a lot more than anyone wants to know.

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      1. oviate

        Jung was an INTJ under that system..
        It’s kind of rare though for that type to be into anything but engineering though..
        oddly, Fight Club is very much about the INTJ cognitive type, there’s a very humorous article about it.

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