I don’t know how
I want to love you:
like breath,
so integral to life
you forget I’m here?
Or like a warm winter jacket
you boast to everyone
and never regret the purchase?

Forever in my head
mulling the maze of
overbear versus undervalue
hurdles of head/heart.

I wrote this scene myself
envisioned our dialogue
and even now we’re still
only dress rehearsal.

Ideally, the noise tapers
room: illuminated
me: alleviated
until my dream drops
to the pit of my stomach.

Lump: rises
mouth: opens
“I want to love you,
but I don’t know how.”


Sleeping At Last – Neptune

22 thoughts on “8

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  2. Thank you, Elle. You’ve showed up on my new site and you’re liking what I wrote. Grateful for the kindness of strangers who support new pages.

    I like your writing too. I like the way your mind shapes the flow of your experiential emotion. I like the accessibility of your verse. Hamsters, books, lettuces, the snug of a warm love bedded down and still observing itself, taking nothing for granted – these are universal themes.

    I enjoy your exploration and expression. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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